Act 66SB2274 SD2 HD1 CD1Center for Nursing; License Fees; IncreaseIncreases the Center for Nursing fee from $40 to $60 per licensing biennium. (CD1)
Act 67SB2280 SD2 HD2 CD1Dental Assistants; Public Health Settings; General SupervisionAllows dental assistants to perform limited duties under the general supervision of a dentist licensed in the State in public health settings and under the direction of a dental hygienist licensed in the State. (CD1)
Act 158SB2624 SD2 HD2 CD1DOH; Telehealth; Rural Health Care; Pilot Projects; AppropriationRequires the Department of Health to implement a telehealth pilot project and publish an evaluation report on the telehealth pilot project outcomes. Requires the Department to implement and administer a rural health care pilot project to provide physicians and nurse practitioners serving selected rural areas with an availability fee and reimbursements for certain expenses and submit to the Legislature an evaluation report on the rural health care pilot project outcomes. Appropriates funds to support the pilot projects. (CD1)
Act 159SB2679 SD2 HD2 CD1Driver’s License; Expiration and Renewal; Kupuna CaucusExtends the renewal period from two years to four years for licensees who are seventy-two years of age or older but younger than eighty years of age. Takes effect 1/1/2023. (CD1)
Act 167HB1885 HD1 SD1 CD1Government Data; Chief Data Officer; Data Task Force, Office of Enterprise Technology ServicesEstablishes a chief data officer and data task force within the office of enterprise technology services to develop, implement, and manage statewide data policies, procedures, and standards and to facilitate data sharing across state agencies. (CD1)
Act 203HB1758 HD2 SD2Nurses; Registered Nurses; Licensed Practical Nurses; License; Endorsement; Temporary PermitsAllows for temporary permits to be issued to registered nurses and licensed practical nurses from a territory or foreign country who are seeking a state license by endorsement. (SD2)
Act 254SB3236 SD2 HD1 CD1Healthcare; Medicaid; Nursing Facilities; Community Care Foster Family Homes (CCFFH); Expanded Adult Residential Care Homes (EARCH); Pandemic; AppropriationAppropriates funds to provide enhanced payments to state-licensed skilled nursing facilities, community care foster family homes, and expanded adult residential care homes that are caring for Medicaid patients; provided that the Department of Human Services shall obtain the maximum amount of federal matching funds available for this expenditure. (CD1)
Act 262SB2657 SD2 HD1 CD1UH; Medical Residencies and Training; John A. Burns School of Medicine; AppropriationAppropriates funds to the John A. Burns School of Medicine to create further medical residency and training opportunities through a partnership between the John A. Burns School of Medicine and the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. (CD1)
Act 263SB2597 SD1 HD1 CD1Hawaiʻi State Loan Repayment Program; Health Care Professionals; John A. Burns School of Medicine; AppropriationAppropriates funds for the Hawaiʻi State Loan Repayment Program administered through the John A. Burns School of Medicine, subject to a matching funds requirement. (CD1)
Act 264HB2026 HD2 SD1Sunshine Law; Board Business; Informal Gatherings; Board PacketsDefines “board business” and “informal gatherings”. Allows a board to prepare and circulate amongst members a statement on a position previously adopted for purposes of submission to the legislature, under certain circumstances. Outlines when board packets must be available to interested persons. (SD1)
Act 293HB1575 HD2 SD2Physician Assistant; Scope of Practice; Medical Records Review; Controlled SubstancesExpands the scope of practice for physician assistants. Requires a sampling of medical records that includes certain amounts of controlled substance prescriptions, rather than all medical records, to be reviewed when physician assistants prescribe controlled substances. Effective 7/1/2022. (SD2)