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Workforce research is a required activity for the Center. Specifically, the Center is mandated to collect, analyze, and report research related to the “current and future status and trends of the nursing workforce” (HRS §304A-1406). In response to these mandates, the Center has developed research program with three components:

  • cyclic data collection and reporting of the Nursing Workforce Supply and Nurse Education Capacity surveys;
  • ad hoc data collection and in response to specific partner inquiries or emergent workforce development challenges; and
  • systematic evaluation of the efficacy and quality of the Center’s programs.

In addition, the Center’s strategic plan through 2023 places emphasis on research as a vehicle through which the Center will be data-driven and evidence-based in its decision-making related to:

  • program development, revision, and implementation;
  • participation in statewide initiatives related to nursing and healthcare workforce development;
  • support of public policy with implications for the practice of nursing.

The Center recognizes that data cannot make an impact when it is not widely distributed. To that end, the Center’s research priorities also include the systematic dissemination of our data through:

  • publication of infographics to summarize or supplement the findings from major reports;
  • distribution of short reports and white papers that highlight and provide context for key findings; and
  • delivery of webinars and other presentations intended to make our partners aware of how to access and use our data.

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