Act 26HB1620 HD2 SD2Fitness to Proceed; Petty Misdemeanors; Department of Health; Penal Responsibility; Mental Health Treatment; AgreementsAmends the effect of finding a defendant charged with a petty misdemeanor not involving violence or attempted violence unfit to proceed. Amends the requirements for fitness determination hearings, court-appointed examiners, and examination reports. Authorizes the courts to enter into agreements to divert into residential, rehabilitative, and other treatment those defendants whose physical or mental disease, disorder, or defect is believed to have become or will become an issue in a judicial case. Amends the requirements for appointing qualified examiners to perform examinations for penal responsibility. Removes the time requirement for the ordering of the penal responsibility evaluation. Requires the judiciary, in consultation with county prosecutors, to report to the Legislature on the effectiveness of the Act in 2021, 2022, and 2023. (SD2)
Act 27HB1659 HD3 SD1Prescription Drugs; Pharmacy; Customized Patient Medication Packages; Schedule I Controlled SubstancesAuthorizes a pharmacy to provide a customized patient medication package to any person upon consent, with a valid prescription, and in compliance with labeling and dispensing requirements. Adds certain substances to the list of Hawaiʻi’s Schedule I controlled substances. (SD1)
Act 28HB1661 HD3 SD2Emergency Examinations; Emergency Hospitalizations; Behavioral Health CrisisAmends criteria for emergency examination, release from emergency examination, emergency hospitalization, and release from emergency hospitalization for individuals suffering from a behavioral health crisis. (SD2)
Act 37HB2043 HD2 SD2Minors; Minor-initiated Mental Health Treatment or Counseling Services; Confidentiality; Mental Health ProfessionalsAllows an unlicensed mental health professional, working under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional, to provide mental health treatment or counseling services to minors without parental or legal guardian consent, knowledge, or participation. Requires a mental health professional to ensure that the covered entity has been notified that minor-initiated mental health treatment or counseling services should not be disclosed. Requires a covered entity, upon notification that minor-initiated mental health treatment or counseling services should not be disclosed, to maintain the confidentiality of minor-initiated mental health treatment or counseling services. Takes effect 1/30/2021. (SD2)
Act 76SB2486 SD1 HD1DOE; Data Collection; Transparency; AccountabilityRequires the department of education to establish a standardized data collection process; collect and analyze data relating to, among other things, student discipline, seclusion, and restraint, school climate, and student achievement; and annually report certain information to the board of education, legislature, and the public. (HD1)