Act 32SB1033 SD2 HD2Licensure; Midwives; DCCA; AppropriationEstablishes licensure of midwives. Temporarily exempts birth attendants and exempts Native Hawaiian healers from licensure requirements. Establishes task force. Appropriates funds. (SB1033 HD2)
Act 54HB250 HD2 SD1 CD1Hawaii Keiki; Healthy and Ready to Learn; Appropriation.Appropriates funds to implement, expand, and sustain the program. Appropriates funds to license electronic school records. (HB250 CD1)
Act 201HB390 HD1 SD2Workers’ Compensation; Medical Examination; Recording Devices; Chaperone.Makes permanent Act 172, Session Laws of Hawaii 2017, which: (1) grants employees the right to have a chaperone present during a medical examination relating to a workers’ compensation work injury and, with the approval of the examining physician or surgeon, to record the examination; and (2) provides that if an employee or employee’s chaperone obstructs the medical examination, the employee’s right to worker’s compensation shall be suspended until the refusal or obstruction ceases. Effective 6/29/2019. (SD2)
Act 205HB658 HD1 SD1Advanced Practice Registered Nurses; Working Group; Department of Health; Medical Leadership Positions.Establishes the advanced practice registered nurse medical leadership working group chaired by the department of health to research and make recommendations regarding advanced practice registered nurses’ eligibility for medical leadership positions. (SD1)
Act 251HB665 HD2 SD1 CD1Electronic Prescription Accountability System; Hospice; Palliative Care; Exemptions.Specifies that a health care provider shall not be required to consult the electronic prescription accountability system for patients when the prescription will be directly administered under the supervision of a health care provider, provided that the system is consulted when the patients are initially admitted at a hospital, for patients in post-operative care with a prescription limited to a three-day supply, or for patients with a terminal disease receiving hospice or other palliative care. (HB665 CD1)
Act 262SB1404 SD2 HD1 CD1Loan Repayment; Health Care Professionals; Matching Funds; Appropriation.Appropriates funds for the Health Care Provider Loan Repayment Program administered through the John A. Burns School of Medicine of the University of Hawaii at Manoa; provided that the funds are matched on a dollar-for-dollar basis by a private or another public source. (CD1)
Act 279SB385 SD1 HD2 CD1Professional and Vocational Licensing; Licensing Sanctions; Student Loan Defaults.Repeals defaults on student loans, student loan repayment contracts, and scholarship contracts as grounds for sanctioning professional and vocational licensees. (CD1)