Act Bill Title Description
Act 43 SB2298 SD2 HD3 CD1 RELATING TO HEALTHCARE PRECEPTOR TAX CREDITS. Allows advanced practice registered nurses, pharmacists, and physicians to receive income tax credits for acting as preceptors in volunteer-based supervised clinical training rotations provided to eligible students that enable the students to obtain an eligible healthcare professional degree or certificate. Applies to taxable years beginning after 12/31/2018. (SB2298 CD1)
Act 162 HB2375 HD1 SD1 RELATING TO TEMPORARY DISABILITY INSURANCE. Permits advanced practice registered nurses to certify an employee’s disability. Increases the penalty an employer is assessed for failing to submit timely wage and employment information. Other provisions. (HB2375 SD1)
Act 147 HB1906 HD2 SD2 CD1 RELATING TO HEALTH CARE WORKERS. Makes intentionally or knowingly causing bodily injury to certain health care workers a Class C felony. (HB1906 CD1)

Hawai`i Preceptor Tax Credit

Hawai`i launches Preceptor Tax Credits for Healthcare Providers who precept in-state APRN, MD, DO, and Pharmacy students/residents.  For more information and registration visit the Hawai`i Preceptor Tax Credit Website.