Act Bill Title Description
Act 153 SB984 HD1 RELATING TO WORKERS’ COMPENSATION PHYSICIAN. Amends the definition of “physician” in workers’ compensation law to include advanced practice registered nurses.
ACT 088 HB912 HD1 SD2 RELATING TO NURSING. Allows advanced practice registered nurses to offer care and services to minors and patients in assisted community treatment programs similar to care and services offered by physicians and other health care service providers.
1 year funding in Act 49, HB100 HB672 HD2 SD2 RELATING TO SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH SERVICES. Formally establishes the Hawaii keiki: healthy and ready to learn program within the department of education. Establishes a special fund and appropriates $4,000,000 to expand and sustain the program.
ACT 066 SB 505 SD1 HD2 CD1 RELATING TO HEALTH Requires prescribing healthcare providers to adopt and maintain policies for informed consent to opioid therapy in circumstances that carry elevated risk of dependency. Establishes limits for concurrent opioid and benzodiazepine prescriptions. Clarifies Board of Nursing authority to enforce compliance with Uniform Controlled Substances Act. Repeals 6/30/2023.
ACT 058 HB 916 HD1 SD2 RELATING TO LOAN REPAYMENT FOR HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONALS. Makes appropriations for the Hawaii rural health care provider loan repayment program administered through the John A. Burns school of medicine. Effective 7/1/2090.