About HCPC

The Hawai‘i Clinical Placement Collaborative (HCPC), comprised of Hawai‘i schools of nursing and clinical partners, aims to strengthen clinical placement
capacity for nursing education in Hawai‘i.

Guiding Principles

TRUST – Establish and maintain the highest levels of system integrity.
MUTUAL RESPECT – Treat everyone as a valued colleague
EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE – Ensure all students are enabled to realize their potential.
COMMUNITY – Uphold a sense of “oneness” and cooperation with all stakeholders.
OPEN & HONEST COMMUNICATION – Commitment to listen and share ideas


Greater efficiency is achieved through the elimination of redundancy and scheduling conflicts by utilizing one system that all coordinators access within a prescribed time period, creating an equitable, transparent, automated, and consolidated environment for both clinical and academic partners to secure and track nursing clinical placements.


In response to need and to better facilitate clinical placements for nursing students, the Center partnered with the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) in March 2011 to implement the Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS), a web-based software system in Hawai‘i.

HCPC Partners

The HCPC is headed by a Steering Committee which is comprised of member partners, clinical education coordinators and academic clinical placement coordinators who provide ongoing strategic direction for the program. The Steering Committee leverages their knowledge, experiences, and insight to address issues relevant to the placement of students in clinical rotations and the use of standardized tools. The Steering Committee is guided by two Co-Chairs, one who represents academia and the other who represents clinical sites. Each Co-Chair represents a side of the collaborative workflow, one from our Provider/clinical side and the other from our Schools of Nursing. The committee meets regularly for scheduled meetings, trainings and ad hoc meetings if necessary.

Academic Partners

Provider Partners