The Hawaii Clinical Placement Collaborative – Nursing Student Clinical Placements Hub ( was developed as a site to communicate with the CCPS community and includes the link to the Centralized Clinical Placement System. Under the direction of the Steering Committee, the NRC site has grown to represent the “go to” site for students and clinical faculty. Important prerequisite documents for clinical facilities, course descriptions, HIPAA verification and preceptor validation are all found on “Student Center” page.

2017 Preceptor Recognition
CCPS Partners

The following was adopted by the Steering Committee Members on 3/29/11:


  • Trust – Establish and maintain the highest levels of system integrity.
  • Mutual Respect – Treat everyone as a valued colleague
  • Educational Excellence – Ensure all students are enabled to realize their potential.
  • Community – Uphold a sense of “oneness” and cooperation with all stakeholders.
  •  Open & Honest Communication – Commitment to listen and share ideas.

CCPS Spring, Summer and Fall Processes

1. Clinical Agencies determines their availability
2. Schools requests placement
3. Clinical Agencies review and respond to requests

CCPS History

In March, 2011 Hawaii State Center for Nursing partnered with the Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) and California Institute for Nursing and Health Care (CINHC). The Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCPS) was launched beginning with training for the participating Schools and Clinical Agencies. The Fall 2011 cycle for the schools was completed using the paper method, however participating schools and clinical agencies began the dual process as a practice session. The benefits identified were increased student capacity in clinical facilities, reduced time coordinating placements, quicker process for tracking status of requests, and enhanced collaboration between schools and clinical facilities.

CCPS Resource Support by:

Kathy DeGuerre from FCCC phone: 916-325-4300
Brianne Atwood from HSCN phone: 808-956-0545